Green Hell VR Is The Best VR Survival Game

Green Hell VR released on April 7th of this year for the Meta Quest and is a VR port of the game with the same name. Green Hell VR is one of the most realistic survival games, if not one of the most realistic overall, games I’ve ever played. The crafting system is incredibly unique and does a great job of bringing the flat screen game into VR.

Green Hell VR is a survival game that is not afraid to try to kill the player in any way possible. The survival mode of the game has no tutorial or anything similar, forcing the player to have to make discoveries on their own. This game is very unforgiving, just like the jungle. You can get parasites, have leeches stick onto your arms, get poisoned by snake/spider bites and scorpion stings, you can get food poisoning, have natives from the jungle attack you, get attacked by a jaguar, and so much more things that I haven’t mentioned.

There are 4 microelements that the player has to keep track of and manage. Different food types fill up or deplete different microelements. For example, meat is the best source of protein, and nuts are the best source of fat. Water is also very important for managing thirst, but you must be careful about what water you drink. All water should be assumed as dirty unless it has been boiled or is rainwater.

Image showing the different microelements on the players watch

Like I mentioned, the crafting in this game is very unique. In most survival games, both VR and flat screen, you would typically only need to gather the resources required to craft the item, then click a button in order to craft. In Green Hell VR, you need to not only gather the required resources, but also interact with them in the right ways in order to make tools. For example, in order to make a simple wooden spear, you need to find a long stick and craft a knife. After you have both of these items, you need to sharpen one end of the stick with the knife, then you can attach the knife to the sharpened end of the long stick. This is incredibly satisfying to perform, especially when you can do the actions with your own hands and arms.

Something very interesting about the game is that it forces the player to experiment. It doesn’t teach you how to craft anything, so you have to apply common sense from the real world into the game. The downsides and benefits to certain foods aren’t available to be seen until the player eats them, making the player have to eat the food in order to see what they do to their health.

While the game is only single player now, the developers have spoken about adding a cooperative multiplayer mode to Green Hell VR. This is very exciting as surviving in the jungle with your friends could lead to some hilarious moments. This game is very exciting, and I can’t wait to see what they do with this game in the future!

Another Daily Ritual for the Dead By Daylight Board Game

Because there is one more survivor than there are killers, they showcased Jake Park, a survivor, and the MacMilan Estate, which is a map. This ritual shows you that just the shape of a map can change a game completely, even if everyone has the same exact loadouts.

Jake Park and his perks focus on giving the player benefits when they try to interfere with the killer.

Jake Park’s signature perk is Iron Will. Iron Will allows the player to treat a failed skill check as a successful skill check for either you or another survivor in the same space. However, the killer still gains a bloodpoint. This allows the survivors to really mitigate certain killers’ powers or perks which force the survivors to roll the danger die, as the danger die has 4 sides for a failed skill check. This perk encourages survivors to stick together.

Jake Park’s second perk is Calm Spirit. Calm Spirit allows the player to move a crow from the space they are into another space on the board. Crows are a prop that allows survivors to move and interact again, extending the range of the survivors. This is very good and will probably become more useful towards the end of a game.

Jake Park’s third and final perk is called Saboteur. This perk allows the player to either gain a bloodpoint or spend 2 bloodpoints to take a bonus turn after sabotaging a hook. This is very useful as it makes the negatives of having a survivor hooked much less impactful as having an extra bonus turn or gaining a bloodpoint makes up for the lost time.

MacMilan Estate is a map included in both the Standard and the Collectors Edition of the game.

Because this is the first map that was revealed, we need to answer some questions. First, in the video game, MacMilan Estate is a realm, and MacMilan Estate has 5 maps. In the board game, Level 99 Games decided to combine each map into one instead of having a different map for each individual one. In a match of the Dead By Daylight Board Game, the map works in areas. Each character looks at the space they are in and the spaces adjacent to them (certain killers’ powers, like The Wraith, have you look in all spaces). At the start of a game, each object in each space is unknown to all players. While there are different categories, and each player knows what object is in each type of category, no one knows what object it is specifically until someone goes into that space.

Onto the specifics of MacMilan Estate. MacMilan is one of the most simple maps, and it has two main sections. The forest and mines are on the left, and the coal tower and ironworks are on the left. There really is only one reliable path to go from the left to the right and vice versa, and that is the Foundry Ground Floor in the middle.

Daily Ritual #3 for Dead By Daylight’s Board Game

Level 99 Games posted daily updates for the Dead By Daylight Board Game during the Kickstarter in the form of Daily Rituals, and this post will sum up Daily Ritual #3.

Daily Ritual 3 doesn’t focus on a specific character or characters, and instead focuses more on perks and game modes. The first topic is Signature Perks.

Signature Perks are perks that are unique to a certain character and define the character’s strategy, which are shown as purple on the character’s board. Green perks are called Teachable Perks, which appear in the perk deck to use for any character. The only way to get Signature Perks is to play the character that has the perk. The Signature Perks give each survivor and killer a unique playstyle and identity, even when the party agrees to use custom perks.

The next topic is Play Modes.

There are three main game modes in the Dead By Daylight Board Game. The first is Adept.

Adept is the standard, most simple game mode. Everyone picks a killer or survivor, and everyone plays the perks that are on that character’s board.

Devout is a slightly more complex game mode. Everyone gets a hand of 5 perks in addition to the 3 perks on the board, allowing everyone for 8 perks to choose from. Everyone can choose from their hand to replace perks on their board if they wish to do so.

The most complex game mode is by far Bloodweb. Players go through the whole deck of perks and choose any cards they want and add them to their loadout. This game mode is the one that is the closest to the original game, so I’ll probably play this one the most. It’s also the most chaotic, with everyone having wild and crazy strategies.

The third topic is Standard Perks.

There are a few perks in the perk deck that don’t come from any character. Because of this, the following perks are only able to be used in two game modes: Devout and Bloodweb.

This Is Not Happening is a survivor perk. It isn’t that useful on its own, but when paired with other perks it can be very strong. Whenever you would roll the skill check die, you roll the danger die instead. This may seem like a hindrance, but the danger die has 2 great successes. This means you have 2 chances to get double progress on a generator. Also, when paired with Bond or Iron Will, this can really boost your progress on a generator.

Whispers is a killer perk. This perk is great at draining the survivors of their supply of blood points or forcing them to sacrifice their location. At the start of the planning phase, the killer can choose a survivor to have to choose between spending a blood point or showing the killer what movement card they selected. If the survivor that was chosen does not have a blood point, they must show the killer the card.

Overall, Daily Ritual #3 was the most interesting for me. Not focusing on a single survivor and killer was a nice change.

Daily Ritual #2 For The Dead By Daylight Board Game

I’ll keep posting updates about the Dead By Daylight Board Game as I am very excited about it and there is a lot of information to share about it. The second Daily Ritual for the Dead By Daylight Board Game gives us information about Meg Thomas and The Wraith.

Meg Thomas is a character who is focused on survival. All of her perks focus on making her very difficult to attack and sacrifice. Meg Thomas is a character for players who like to bully the killer and distract them for as long as possible.

Sprint Burst allows you to move along any path after moving with your movement card. This is very simple but can be very powerful. For example, if you would normally be one space away from unhooking another survivor, you can reach them in the same turn.

Adrenaline allows you to take a bonus turn after the round is over if a generator has been completed. This perk is one of only a few ways that a survivor can take a turn after the killer, so this perk can be very useful when used correctly.

Quick & Quiet allows you to interact with a locker in your space when the killer enters your space. This allows you to hide when the killer is about to attack, and search a locker instead. Searching a locker has very low chances of grabbing the survivor, so it is very annoying for the killer.

The Wraith can turn invisible in the video game, so to represent that in the board game, The Wraith can teleport to any space that is not connected to the space they are currently in. This is a killer that you don’t want to get too far from, as they can just teleport to you instantly with their power.

Shadowborn allows you to place a third movement card at the end of the planning phase. This allows you to take a bonus turn with only 2 Bloodpoints, instead of the usual 4. This comes with the downside of not knowing where the survivors will be, however.

Bloodhound allows the killer to take a Bloodpoint from a survivor that they sacrificed. If the survivor that was sacrificed did not have any Bloodpoints, the killer still gains one Bloodpoint. This can help the killer continuously apply more pressure on the survivor once they do their objective.

Predator allows the killer to choose a survivor and force them to replace the movement card they have selected and replace it with a different one This is very annoying to the survivors if they needed to go a certain route to do a generator or rescue a survivor.

That was the second Daily Ritual for Dead By Daylight: The Board Game! I am extremely excited about this and cannot wait! A small reminder that the first perk listed for each character cannot be used for other characters, so if you want to use that perk you must use the character that has that specific perk.

Some new information on the Dead By Daylight board game

Shortly after the Dead By Daylight board game’s Kickstarter was dropped, Level 99 Games has been giving us small peeks at certain characters and how they/their perks behave. Here is the first Daily Ritual (which is what they call their updates for the Dead By Daylight Board Game) from Level 99 Games.

Dwight Fairfield is a survivor that focuses on support. He works best when he sticks close to other survivors. His perks focus on helping his teammates, so staying near other survivors will unlock the full potential for Dwight.

Prove Thyself allows for another survivor to interact when you would interact. This is really good, as you could have a generator that is one progress away from finishing, and you can interact with it from a completely different space, as long as a survivor is in that space.
Leader allows you to follow/other survivors to follow you when moving from one space to another. This could allow for some really good plays once you see the true potential for this perk.
Bond allows a survivor in your space or a connected space to roll two dice when presented with a skill check, and they can choose to keep either result of the two dice. This could be used really well at the very end of the game, as having twice the chance of successfully hitting the skill check could be the difference in a victory or loss.

The Trapper is a killer who focuses on area control. He can lock down routes with his bear traps.

Bear Traps can be placed on a path that does not have a pallet, breakable wall, or any other component on it. When a survivor moves along a path with a Bear Trap on it, they roll the danger die. If they fail, the Bear Trap is removed and the survivor becomes wounded. If they were already wounded, the killer gains a sacrifice progress.

Brutal Strength allows the killer to choose where a survivor goes after attacking them if they are healthy. If the path the killer chooses has a pallet or breakable wall, it gets destroyed. This could be very deadly, as you could force a survivor into a space trapped by Bear Traps.

Unnerving Presence forces a survivor in your or a connected space to roll the danger die when they would roll the regular die. This lets The Trapper slow down the survivors’ progress very well when nearby.

Agitation allows the killer to move along any path after they attack a healthy survivor. This is extremely deadly when paired with Brutal Strength, as you could attack the same survivor twice in one turn.

The first Daily Ritual from Level 99 games shows how two characters, one killer power, and 6 perks work. Keep in mind that the first perk listed for each character is unique to that character, so if you want to use that perk you have to play that specific character. Any other perks are available to use on any character, as long as it is the same character type (survivor and killer). I am very excited about the board game!

The best perk builds in Dead By Daylight

There are many perks in Dead By Daylight, both for killers and survivors. There are certain perk builds that really reward certain play styles or are just really good overall. This post will go over the best perk builds in Dead By Daylight.

The first perk builds will be for survivors. The first 4 perks that come to mind when I think of best perks are Dead Hard, Borrowed Time, Decisive Strike, and Kindred. I’ll explain why this is great overall.
Dead Hard is a perk that allows the player to dash forward and become immune to damage during the dash. While this perk causes the exhaustion effect (which means you cannot use it for another 60 seconds, and running will pause the timer), it is still very reliable and can help you get to a pallet or window that wouldn’t have been reachable without Dead Hard.
Borrowed Time gives the endurance status effect to survivors that you unhook. This allows the survivor to be unhooked near the killer and not get downed. This can help in very tight situations where the killer is camping the hooked survivor.
Decisive Strike activates for 60 seconds whenever you are unhooked. Doing almost any action will deactivate Decisive Strike. While the perk is active, if the killer picks you up, you are given a skill check. If you do the skill check successfully, you are removed from the killers’ grasp. This can prevent killers from going after you if you were recently unhooked, which is called tunneling.
Kindred is good if you are playing on your own without any communications (like Discord or Xbox’s party system). When you are hooked, all survivors see the aura of each other, and the killer if they are within an 8-meter radius from the hooked survivor. If another survivor is hooked, only you see the auras of other survivors and the killer if they are within an 8-meter radius of the hooked survivor. This is a great information perk and can help you or others see if the killer is camping the hooked survivor.

Image showcases Kindred working while on a hook

For killers, the best perk build would be Hex: Ruin, Hex: Undying, Pop Goes The Weasel, and Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance.

Hex: Ruin is a Hex perk. It helps the killer manage generators and control them better. This perk regresses generators that don’t have a survivor working on them at 100% extra of the normal regression speed. The perk deactivates whenever the Hex Totem is cleansed. However, you can avoid this by bringing…

Hex: Undying. Hex: Undying gives a passive ability. Whenever a survivor is within an 8-meter radius of a dull totem, you can see their aura. That isn’t the main component of Undying, however. The thing that makes Undying so good is that it can give other Hex perks an extra life. Whenever a totem for another Hex perk is cleansed, that Hex’s effect transfers to the Hex: Undying’s totem.

Pop Goes The Weasel is another perk designed to help control generators. Whenever you hook a survivor, Pop activates for 60 seconds. While Pop is active, if you kick a generator, the generator will instantly lose 40% of its progress.

Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance is a Scourge Hook perk. Whenever you hook a survivor on a Scourge Hook, the generator with the most amount of progress will act as if you kicked the generator. This can really help in situations where there is 1 generator remaining and you need to defend generators heavily.

All of the new announcements made by gaming companies on April 1st (definitely not a joke)

On April 1st, many games announced updates to their games. We’ll start with Beat Saber.

Beat Games has announced that there will be a new note type (again!) in Beat Saber. This new note type is called a Clone. The new note type brings a really interesting feature to the game. This note looks exactly like a regular note, copying any custom colors the player may have, so there is no visual difference between the normal and Clone notes. When the player hits a Clone note, they will immediately. Along with that, the game will completely uninstall from the device that is being played on. Upon reinstall, all progress will be wiped, along with removing all DLCs the player may have bought. This new note appears on every single level and randomizes every single time the level is played. This is very interesting and very high risk and I’m glad to see another new note in Beat Saber.

The image above showcases the Clone note

Roblox has announced that they are removing all Robux from all accounts. with that, they are wiping everyones’ inventory, games, and username! This means that everyone’s accounts are like a fresh start! I love this and think that Roblox doing this encourages people to spend more money and try to get everything they had before!

Rainbow Six Extraction has released an update that removes all guns, gadgets, and Operator gadgets from the game. I think that this update was really needed as I felt that shooting everything was too easy. Now the game forces you to melee everything, which encourages stealth as meleeing everything while they have your attention is a bad idea.

Cookie Clicker resets everyone’s progress and replaces the cookies with broccoli. They have said that there is no way in the entirety of the multiverse to get your progress, nor is there no way to get the cookies back. Not only that, but they had made mods for the game impossible. This means that\] there are no custom skins for the new broccoli. They really didn’t want people to revert the broccoli to the old cookie. This is very interesting and exciting!

Minecraft has also released an update. In the update, every block is now circular. This is a fresh new take on the game and makes the game looks completely different. Not only that, but they are also adding an additional feature. Whenever a player loads into the world. They immediately get launched up to the maximum build height, and then flung down instantly. This also happens upon respawn.

The image above showcases the circular blocks

Bloons Tower Defense 6 is removing all towers from the game. This means that all balloons will be able to get to the end of the track and damage the player. This means that the community will have to come up with new ways to defend against the balloons. One way they can defend against the balloons is by clicking them. I came up with this idea myself, and I think it is very interesting. No one has thought to click the balloons to pop them before, and I wonder how it would work with balloons like the clay balloons.

Everything new in the Clash Royale update

Clash Royale has gotten an update, and in it there have been new features added and some balance changes. In this post, I will be going over everything that has been included in this new update.

Starting with the card mastery feature, each card now unlocks a mastery path when leveled up to a certain level, which changes based on the rarity of the card. There are two paths, and to progress along the paths you need to win matches where you used that card. When you get to the end of the path, you get a mastery badge for that card and a reward.

Image above shows the Card Mastery screen for the Hog Rider

Something small but mildly infuriating is that Supercell has changed the icon for Valkyrie. The icon for Valkyrie was perfectly fine, but Supercell changed it to something that makes the icon look fan-made. I don’t really understand why they had to change the icon to something that looks much worse.

Image showing the new Valkyrie icon

Now getting into the balance changes, starting with Mirror. Mirro has always been weak and I’m glad to see it be tweaked. When a card is used with Mirror, originally it boosted the card level by one. Now, it boosts the card by two. This means that it is now possible to use level 16 cards since the highest a card can be leveled is 14.

Next up is Golden Knight. Golden Knight is one of, if not the worst Champion and desperately needed a buff. Golden Knight will now stop his dash ability once he connects to a Tower (both Princess and King Tower). His range is also being increased by 1 tile, going from the original 5 tiles to the new 6 tiles.

Giant Skeleton is getting a minor buff, but it is a buff nonetheless. Giant Skeleton is getting 7% more HP across all levels, and a 0.1-second increase to attack speed. Like I said, it’s not much, but it is something.

The Archers are also joining the minor buff gang getting another 0.1-second increase to attack speed. This is something that sounds very small but actually makes a noticeable difference in-game.

Ice Spirit is getting 0.3 seconds of additional freeze time when it attacks. This is huge, those 0.3 seconds may not seem like much but trust me, this could be a game-changer.

The Tombstone is getting a nerf, with a 5% slower spawn rate for the skeletons. This isn’t huge and I can still see Tombstone being used in some meta decks.

Ram Rider is the next card getting a nerf. When it attacks, instead of giving that unit an 85% speed penalty, it is now a 70% speed penalty. I feel like this was very needed as the Ram Rider just practically completely froze troops it attacked.

The Archer Queen is getting nerfed, although the nerf isn’t as big as I wanted it to be and her ability will still be really good. When the Archer Queen’s ability is activated, instead of getting a 200% hit speed boost, it is now only a 180% hit speed boost. I honestly would want the boost to be reduced even more, but I’m not sure if that is how everyone feels about it.

The Graveyard is getting a super slight nerf, reducing the skeletons it spawns by one. I don’t even think this should count as a nerf as it doesn’t really change anything. I feel like Graveyard will still be as strong as it was before.

Valkyrie is getting a nerf, losing 4% of her health. I think this is pretty interesting, she’s still going to be strong, but the 4% health missing will probably change how she is used.

The Mega Knight is receiving a nerf on his spawn damage, doing 20 less damage when spawned. Note that after he is spawned all of the damage will be the same as before.

The Elixir Collector is getting a rework. The most notable change is the fact that the collector will now drop elixir when it is destroyed, instead of nothing happening when it’s destroyed. It’s lifetime (without being interrupted) went from 70 to 65 seconds and generates elixir every 9 seconds instead of the previous 8.5 seconds.

Electric Giant is also getting a rework. He now costs 7 elixir instead of the previous 8. His damage is reduced by 15% and his hitpoints are also reduced by 15%. Now E-Giant is a lot weaker but costs less, so I’m interested to see how that affects how he is used.

Majority of these changes I feel were good, while some were a little unnecessary. Overall though, not too drastic and I’m excited to play with the new balance changes!

Dead By Daylight: The Board Game’s Kickstarter Is Out

About a month ago, Level 99 Games announced that they have been working with Behavior Intertainment in making a Dead By Deadlight board game. Since then, they have slowly been sharing more and more about the board game, how it plays, when it is expected to release, and more.

The Dead By Daylight Board Game is expected to release in October of this year. We don’t have much information on when it is releasing except for this. However, the Kickstarter for the game has released today! Anyone who supports the Kickstarter has a reserved spot for getting the game, so if you are interested I suggest supporting the Kickstarter.

The Dead By Daylight Board Game has two editions: The Standard Edition and The Collectors Edition. The Standard Edition comes with 13 unpainted miniature figures of survivors and killers, two maps from the video game for people to play on and Items, Perks, Props, and Powers. The Collectors Edition includes 10 additional survivors and killers, two additional maps (for a total of 4), additional perks, 5 miniature hooks to hang the survivors on 8 miniature generators to show the survivors’ progress to escape, and translucent plastic bloodpoint tokens. The Standard Edition costs $50 USD, and The Collectors Edition costs $100 USD.

Image above shows painted miniature figures of a hook and Jake Park on the hook

Level 99 Games shared the rulebook for the board game, and I’ll sum it up.

The movement in the board game is represented by movement cards. There are 5 movement cards: Sneak, Sprint, Crouch, Vault, and Wait. All of these represent different speeds/actions the killer/survivors can do. I think that these are a great way to transfer the movement from the video game to the board game. Each player chooses their movement cards at the same time, each survivor chooses 1, and the killer chooses 2. The cards are placed face down to keep the card the players chose secret. Each room has different paths that you follow for each card, and if someone chooses a card but the room that they are in doesn’t have a path for that card, they don’t move.

Image above shows the different type of movement cards

In the videogame, players don’t know what is in certain areas until they explore them themselves, or their teammates inform them. This is represented by having tokens that represent different props. When any player goes into a room, all prop tokens in that room are flipped over to reveal the prop. Players can interact with the props, and each prop does different things. Killers can interact with survivors when close enough to injure and then capture them, then they can bring them to a hook. Similarly, survivors can interact with other injured survivors to heal them.

In the video game, when a survivor is picked up by the killer, they can wiggle to fill up a wiggle meter, and if it fills, they escape from the killer’s grasp. In the board game, this is represented by having the killer roll their dice, then forcing the survivor to roll the number of dice that corresponds to whatever number shows on the killer’s dice. If any of the survivors’ dice rolls on a 5, the survivor escapes.

I am honestly really excited for the Dead By Daylight board game. I have actually thought about this happening for a while and it became a reality! I cannot wait for October!

The Nintendo Switch Sports Playtest Gives Me Mixed Feelings

If you didn’t know, a few weeks ago Nintendo hosted a public playtest for the newly announced Nintendo Switch Sports, which is going to continue the famous Wii Sports franchise. I participated in these playtests, and I’m excited about some things, and not as excited about others.

Nintendo Switch Sports has global online play, and you can play with only your friends, or with random people. I’m really excited about this as this makes it easier to play with others when you don’t have anyone near you who wants to play. There is also split-screen play. In bowling, the screen is split in half, each half showing one player. In tennis, nothing changes as both players are visible, and in Chambara, one player sits out while the other player plays against an opponent.

The updated bowling game introduced in Nintendo Switch Sports is one of my favorites, both now and in the original Wii Sports. You use the Joy-Con and mimic the motion of throwing a bowling ball, and the ball will adjust its direction based on your wrist and arm movements. You can also change the angle and position of your character to get a better angle at the pins. The bowling in Nintendo Switch Sports introduces a new mechanic, elimination. If you’re one of the players who scored the lowest, you’ll be eliminated from the game, which you can then spectate or quit to the main menu. I honestly like how they’re are doing the bowling, but it would also be nice if we could get another game mode that doesn’t have the elimination feature. If we don’t it’s fine, but it would be better.

Image showing the screen when the player wins the match in Bowling

There is a new game introduced in Nintendo Switch Sports, and it is called Chambara. It is very similar to Swordfight in Wii Sports Resort, where you have a sword and you are facing up against an opponent on a platform that is above water. You have to strike hits against your opponent to knock them back, while also blocking in order to make sure you don’t get knocked back. If one person gets knocked into the water, they lose the round. The game mode is a best of three, so you have to win two rounds in order to win the match. There is a time limit, and if the time limit runs out before any players fall off of the platform, the round ends in a draw. If all three of the rounds end in a draw, then the platform shrinks drastically, and on the smaller platform, it takes about 2 hits to knock a player off. Swordfight was my favorite sport in Wii Sports Resort, so I’m glad to see that they added it back.

Image showing the screen when the player knocks the other player off of the edge of the platform

They have also brought back tennis. tennis plays very similarly to the original tennis in Wii Sports. There are two people on each player’s team, which can be controlled each by one player or both by the same person. The player doesn’t have to move, only time their swings correctly. I think it’s good to have tennis play similarly, as I feel if they changed it too much it wouldn’t feel like tennis.

Although I really liked the three sports that were available in the playtest, there were a couple things that I didn’t like. First, the avatars are no longer the Miis, and while this is personal preference, the new avatars that have arms and legs don’t give off the same goofy vibe that the Miis did. Also, in bowling, you cannot throw the bowling ball backward, which if you played the original Wii Sports, you know that throwing the ball backward was a hilarious easter egg. When you threw the ball backward, all of the Miis behind you would spin around and exclaim. It isn’t something groundbreakingly bad, but it’s an easter egg that many Wii Sports players know and love.

Overall, I’m excited for Nintendo Switch Sports to release. Also, with golf being planned to release in an update post-launch, I’m excited to see how they remaster one of my favorite games of all time.

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